Triptico cafeinico

Este post debiera ir al futuro weblog en ingles, pero nunca tuve escrupulos en linkear material en ese idioma desde aca, o sea que nunca espere que mis lectores fueran anglo-ignorantes. La segregacion debera esperar, por ejemplo, a que me siente a traducir siquiera fragmentos para los posts en castellano. Entonces, y a la espera de ese momento...

... para pichones de Mentats, o simples admiradores de Dune:

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion,

It is by the beans of Java the thoughs acquire speed,
the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning,

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

... para gente que se ahoga de pasion:

Oh, just, subtle, and mighty caffeine! that to the hearts of Phoenician and craftsman alike, for the ever-growing wound that never heals, and for the tides that tempt the spirit to give up, bringest a sling, a graft and a pair of crutches; eloquent caffeine! that with thy potent rhetoric reasonest away the purposes of wrath; and to the guilty man for one night givest back the hopes of his youth, and hands washed pure from cobwebs; and to the proud man a brief oblivion for deeds stillborn and promises unfulfilled; that summonest to the laboratory of gedankenexperiments, for the triumphs of strapped ingenuity, virtual castles; and confoundest debunking, and dost reverse the judgment of well-oiled committees; --thou buildest upon the bosom of vacuum, out of the ephemeral models that spin in a feverish mind, tools and ships worthy of the arts of future nanotech-- beyond the splendor of Earth's life, and from the order of computer simulation callest into interaction with real-world data the interfaces of improbable devices and the workings of long dreamt machines. cleansed from the dishonours of commercial implementation. Thou only givest these gifts to man; and thou hast the keys of the hacking-room, oh, just, subtle, and mighty caffeine!

... y para los que se dejan impresionar por simbolos y mandalas:

Estructura en dos dimensiones de la molecula de cafeina, exhibiendo el tipico doble anillo de las purinas.



Anonymous homero buan said...

creo que entendi lo de mentat

era algo de una novela, no?

ps: a veces creo que sos demasiado inteligente

o que debi de haber sido rubia en otra vida, y no termine de limpiar ese karma

27/11/05 19:12  
Blogger Peste said...

El Mantra del Mentat es afanado. La pieza larga es original, y es una parodia, no muy buena, de este canto al opio de Thomas de Quincey.

27/11/05 19:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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30/3/07 11:36  

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